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André Morin and his team are driven to help entrepreneurs, professionals, business owners and their families achieve their financial goals

André Morin

André Morin

B.A.A., MBA, Adm. A., F.Pl., CIM

Portfolio Manager, Financial Security Advisor (services offered by Gagné, Morin & Associés R.-D.-L. inc.),

Investment broker attached to PEAK Securities

T 418.862.5643 1 800 774 7418 (toll free) F 418 862 3585

494, rue Lafontaine, C.P. 397 Rivière-du-Loup, Québec G5R 3Y9

My commitment is to help you prepare for the future responsibly. It’s based on sound values: competence, respect and integrity.

André Morin has extensive experience in corporate and personal finance. His knowledge of corporate structures, taxation and asset protection enables him to include the following considerations in your financial plan:

  • Objectives for income stream and asset growth
  • Trusts and other means of reducing your tax burden
  • Compensation, employee benefits and retirement plans
  • Estate-planning strategies
  • Protection of your professional, commercial and personal assets
  • Planning of a comfortable retirement in line with your lifestyle
  • Reduction of volatility and sector concentration in your portfolio
  • Estate planning
  • Retirement planning for business owners without a pension
  • Insurance solutions for business owners and professionals

André will work closely with you to find solutions aimed at mitigating risks and increasing the value of your capital. Since his services are remunerated solely on a fee basis, you are assured of advice that is objective, impartial, transparent and based on serious, well-grounded research.

André has a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Moncton and a Master of Business Administration from Laval University, and has also completed postgraduate studies in taxation and organizational management in an international context. He is a Portfolio Manager, Financial Security Advisor, member of the Ordre des administrateurs agréés du Québec and a member of the Association de planification fiscale et financière (APFF). He has received numerous distinctions in recognition of his role as a consultant with a major national investment firm.

Gino Gauthier

Portfolio Manager, Financial Security Advisor (offered by Gagné, Morin & Associés R.-D.-L. inc.), Investment broker attached to PEAK Securities

Gino and André have been working together for more than 15 years. As a registered Investment Advisor, Gino is responsible for all trades across client portfolios. With André, he shares responsibility for business intelligence relating to market trends and economic conditions. As a Portfolio Manager, Gino focuses on client needs and objectives, and constantly monitors and rebalances portfolios. He is always available to answer client questions in a clear and transparent manner. In addition, he facilitates all aspects of account management.

Maryse Belzile

Investment Representative, Investment broker attached to PEAK Securities

Maryse and André have been a team for almost 20 years. An Investment Representative, she also provides administrative support to the team and provides assistance to the Financial Advisors, verifying the accuracy of daily transactions and electronic communications. She is also responsible for reception and client communications. Her dedication, discretion and commitment to excellence in client service make her an essential resource within the team and highly appreciated by clients.

Effective and responsible management of your capital

Effective and responsible management of your capital

To manage your capital to your best advantage, André Morin and his team offer you the assurance of a long-term relationship based on trust.

Rigorous thinking, discipline and personalization are the core of our approach. To simplify a seemingly complex reality is our commitment.

In matters of investment, the essentials include clear objectives, coherent planning tailored to your situation and a balanced portfolio. Success is not a matter of luck. It’s a result of clearly defined objectives and a coherent strategy. Discipline is required to avoid being swayed by emotion; an incremental approach to the markets is preferable to impulsive action.

For André Morin and his team, the keys to effective and responsible management are as follows:

1. Understanding your situation, needs, priorities and objectives

Each person is unique and is entitled to expect a personalized investment strategy corresponding to his or her profile. You are at the heart of the action and we respect your reality as a business owner, a businessperson, a professional or a retired person, and that of your family.

2. Continuity in our communications with you

André and his team ensure that you are informed clearly and continually of the evolving state of the markets and of your portfolio. We communicate with you regularly in complete confidentiality and will be continually available to you.

3. Focus on results and performance

Actions and results are the essence of effective portfolio management. Achievement of objectives is the focus of every enlightened investment decision.

André specializes in creating completely transparent plans for horizontal asset management that will help you protect and increase your capital over the long term. He develops strategies for part or all of the following aspects of your financial situation:

  • Risk management
  • Investment management
  • Portfolio management
  • Business structure to protect you and your family
  • Asset protection
  • Tax planning and capital tax
  • Succession planning
  • Financial planning and estate planning

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Recommended readings (in French only)